hand-carved stamps from fresh baked paper goods

you might remember the polaroid birth announcement featured here last year -- that was from fresh baked paper goods, an adorable etsy shop that just introduced a new line of hand-carved stamps!

they've got a ton of fun designs that look incredibly adorable as a little stamp, like sunglasses and thread spools and even macarons. this tic tac toe game with tiny peg people is maybe the cutest thing i've ever seen. (more stamps below, too!)

[all images from fresh baked paper goods]

prices start at $8 so i'm pretty sure you could collect them all. order on the fresh baked paper goods etsy shop and be sure to follow on facebook too!


  1. Loving these stamps... they are so cute! I get paid Friday, so may be ordering some of these :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm pretty much obsessed with hand carved stamps right now! I love these!!