introducing: i still love calligraphy

have you heard? melissa from i still love you has created i still love calligraphy, a one-stop shop for learning everything you need to know about calligraphy -- and it is AWESOME.

if you've ever checked out melissa's blog, you've probably admired her hand-lettering skills. the girl is talented and i've been in awe of her for years. i took her calligraphy class a few years ago in person, so when she offered to let me check out the new online classes i was intrigued. melissa was great in 2010, but she is fantastic in 2012! these new classes are streamlined, informational, easy to follow and super fun.

here are some of my favorite things about the course:

+ SUPPLIES: even before taking melissa's class, i had always been intrigued by calligraphy... but also intimidated by the supplies. i'd peek at the calligraphy aisle at hobby lobby and feel overwhelmed by all the options for pointy things, pens, inks, etc. melissa's class teaches you all about the difference between these tools (those "pointy things" are called nibs, FYI), her recommendations on what to get and even has a link to paper ink arts where you can buy the products she recommends. (they're also way cheaper than hobby lobby's prices.)

+ WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS: i initially expected the class to be in video format, since you need to SEE how to hold a pen correctly etc. there are videos included in the curriculum, but the majority of the class is taught via text. i loved this! it's so nice to be able to go back and re-read instructions and match it up to the photos and illustrations without having to rewind the video. melissa knows her stuff, too -- she teaches all the professional terms like miniscules and majuscules and then shows you how to use them.

+ HISTORY & BACKGROUND: melissa also throws in a brief history and introduction of calligraphy, which i thought was super interesting. plus, you get to learn how she became so well-versed in this very cool art.

+ ASSIGNMENTS: at the end of each lesson, there's an assignment like "forming letters" or "practicing your stroke." melissa gives you alphabet templates and guides to print out and use in your practice, and then you can upload your work to an online gallery where she'll review your work and give feedback.

overall, i LOVED this course. it was so nice to be able to go at my own pace, have melissa's easy-to-read instructions there to encourage me, and get tangible evidence of my progress as i went along. if you've ever been curious about calligraphy or thought hand-lettering would be fun (want to address your own wedding invitations? christmas cards? write a pretty thank you card? the possibilities are endless), this class is for you. 

click this link to sign up -- the class is a steal. for $95. you'll get 4 videos, 8 lessons with photos, guides and illustrations, class assignments with upload gallery and instructor feedback, downloadable practice guides AND access to the course for a full 4 weeks.

as you can see, i still need a little practice...but i'm getting there!

[all images except this one from istilllovecalligraphy.com]

thanks to melissa for letting me try out these classes free of charge -- but really, i'd happily pay for her expertise and teaching ability. check out these classes for yourself or get them for a friend -- it's money well spent!

melissa on twitter: @melissapher

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  1. SO cool! I saw Melissa's course and it looked absolutely darling. When I was in grade school I totally got into calligraphy and still know some cool 'fonts' from back in the day. Glad you got so much value from it.

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