new business cards

i meant to post this before i left for NSS but forgot! heading to the national stationery show meant that i'd be meeting tons of awesome paper people, so of course i wanted to hand out a zillion business cards. i still like the original cards i had made for the stationery place, but let's be serious -- i've had them for a few years now and i was in the mood for something more modern.

i worked with my friend marsinah from blushing pearl (i posted about her work a few months ago) to print some pretty, new business cards. i wanted something simple, minimalist and turquoise of course -- and it's good i kept it easy because i designed them myself! let's just say my design skills are definitely in the "beginner" category ;)

i sent the design over to marsinah along with my pantone color selection (15-5519, if you're looking for a good turquoise) and she printed them on her press that very week! she had them ready for me way before my deadline for NYC -- plus, we got to meet up in person at a local coffee shop for a mini playdate with our toddlers. it was so fun to finally meet her in person and i LOVED how my cards turned out!

[image by marsinah]
[image by me]

didn't she do a fabulous job?? i get so happy every time i look at them. thanks, marsinah, for being SO easy to work with and creating some gorgeous cards. [she does lots of custom work, so keep blushing pearl in mind if YOU are ready for some new business cards too!]

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  1. Those are super darling! Your cards turned out beautifully. I'm especially digging the arrow.

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