out of the office

whew! the past week has been nuts so i am here to tell you...there's no stationery post. :) instead you get a quick look at my chaotic life and a promise that i'll be back soon!

i spent all week last week moving into a new house. this is the first time my husband and i have lived in an actual home (not an apartment) since we got married almost 6 years ago, and it is fantastic. i can't believe how much space we have! jack loves running around in the backyard.

after spending five days hauling heavy boxes and constantly running up and down three flights of stairs, i took a break (ha, yeah right) from moving to run the seattle rock & roll half marathon! this was my second half marathon ever and it was HARD, but i did it.

no time to recover from the race because it was time to come home, finish unpacking and clean out our old apartment. all week i've been living in a sea of boxes (with a very high-maintenance almost-2-year-old trailing my every move) but it is slooooowly starting to come together. i can't wait to be all moved in and settled!

i'm also trying to keep up with my regular life, which is hard since we STILL don't have internet set up -- in fact, i'm writing this blog post from our local library. :) fingers crossed we get it going later today. i've got some fabulous paper posts in the works for you, so stay tuned -- i promise we'll get back to normal soon. or else. ;) 

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  1. How exciting! Congrats on your new home and I hope you are able to catch your breath soon!