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one of the questions i get asked most frequently is "what's a media kit?" i work in PR and marketing, so that's a pretty common topic of interest among my clients and it's something i'm always excited to talk about -- i think a good media kit is one of those often-overlooked tools that can add a major boost to any business. so, when i went to the national stationery show, i was pleasantly surprised to see exhibitors making such great use of media kits!

but, reallly...what IS a media kit, you're asking? basically, a media kit is your introduction to the world -- like an oversized business card for your brand. they used to be exactly what their name says -- a kit, or packet of information, used to distribute to journalists and the media so they'd have a full collection of background information to use when writing an article about a particular business. traditional media kits contain things like financial statements, press releases, images, fact sheets, and of course contact information for publicists and spokespeople.

media kits have definitely evolved, though, and NSS was a perfect place to witness this. exhibitors could hand out their media kits to everyone from vendors to journalists to bloggers (that's me!) to potential clients, so they had to make sure the media kits not only a.) depicted their brand and image accurately but b.) shared pertinent company information. [a note: these days, most media kits are distributed electronically -- but in the tactile world of stationery, and ESPECIALLY at a place like the stationery show, it's best to have something beautiful for guests to touch and feel.]

if you're a stationery designer, what should you include in your media kit? here are things you ALWAYS need to share:

+ product information
+ images (or a link to images posted online)
+ social media handles (twitter name, blog URL, shop / website URL)
+ contact information -- so people can make a purchase, ask you questions, get more images

those are just the bare bones, though. sky's the limit on what else you can include -- as long as it's not too huge ;) here are some additional ideas for a stationery designer's media kit:

+ samples (LOVE those...just sayin' ;)
+ catalog
+ customer reviews and/or awards & recognition
+ "about you" section

here are a couple of my favorite media kits, gathered from booths at this year's NSS. moglea did such a great job with printing and packaging -- i loved the envelope with washi tape touch. (there was a sample card in here too but it didn't make it into the photos.)

fun little infographic with info about meg and her business, and great personal information inside the booklet. plus a business card of course!

marsupial paper had a short and sweet media kit that served its purpose perfectly. two of their 2012 show offerings were these great pocket envelopes and their newly-offered thermography printing. so, they printed some their show special info right on the envelope, and tucked a disc of images inside plus a flyer that was printed in the raised thermography print.

love that you could touch and feel the thermography printing up close.

last but not least, farewell paperie had a pretty envelope (turquoise of course, naturally i'd love it!) with samples, a disc containing images & catalog, and business cards. perfect.

[all images by me]

there you have it -- three examples of expert media kits. each one does such a good job of communicating important info while maintaining appropriate branding. and since they're all nicely designed, they encourage me to want to check out their products and company more. i think that's the hallmark of a good media kit -- leave the reader informed and wanting more.

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