a summer of unplugging: JUNE

okay...so remember how i was supposed to unplug one day this month? here's the story about how i failed.

i was super excited to try this out. as a (mostly) stay at home mom, i try really hard to limit my tech consumption as it is. jack is almost 2 and i feel strongly about limiting HIS technology access -- we don't let him spend much time, if any, watching tv or playing with our phones or getting on the computer -- so i don't want to be a bad example and be glued to my smart phone all day long. plus, life has been FLYING by ever since he was born so i've already started to notice how fleeting his little childhood is -- i try hard to be "in the moment" and enjoy all my time with him, devoting a few short moments throughout the day toward reading stories or building train tracks or taking his scooter outside, without me doing anything else. but that's not to say i'm perfect -- even if i'm not checking email all the time, i still have a bad habit of getting distracted by those daily necessities like chores or errands or whatever. plus, since i work from home, it's easy to get sucked back into emails and calls at any moment of the day since my phone is so handy.

so anyway. i was looking forward to taking a day to cleanse myself of all my technology & social media usage, and saturday seemed like a perfect time. i've been training for the seattle rock & roll half marathon (it's this weekend, eek!) and saturday mornings are my long runs, so i woke up at 5:30 a.m. and went through my usual saturday routine of grabbing a bagel and reading blogs before i had to leave for my run at 6:30. i was two bites (and more than two blog posts) into my routine before i realized -- DUH! i'm not supposed to be on the computer! ah well. i told myself i'd unplug AFTER my run...because if i had to be up that early on a saturday i definitely deserved some blog time. :)

took my run (tracked my mileage using the awesome mapmyrun app -- so again, not really unplugging), came home and actually did a great job of being unplugged the rest of the day. i played with jack, ran errands with my husband, caught up on magazines and even took a nap! those last two things are pretty much unheard of in my mommy life, so that was nice. i felt super relaxed and rejuvenated.

that evening was the blogher food party in seattle, where i met up with my friend marie and some other bloggers and had a great time. at the party, i got to meet ree drummond (the pioneer woman herself) -- and that's where it went downhill. because, when you meet the pioneer woman, you're basically breaking a commandment if you don't get that photo up on instagram within five seconds. so that's what i did.

i got a bunch of comments from friends after that so i'll admit, i checked my phone a few more times that night to see what they said. so, yeah...i guess i'm not the best at unplugging. i have higher hopes for next month when i'll spend my unplugged day (plus two or three more) in a geographical location that prevents ALL technology usage, so stay tuned -- maybe next month's entry will be a little better. :)

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  1. YAY! I still think you did a great job - those are all so legitimate (I MEAN PIONEER WOMAN!?!!!!!) AHH! That's so cool! My co-worker is running the same run next weekend -I don't think I could run a mile if I tried. :) Thanks for linking up!!!!!

  2. this made me laugh. i told mike about the unplug idea and he thinks i need it bad ha. maybe someday...

  3. I think the Pioneer Woman is a totally legit reason to "cheat". Looks like a fun day, even a plugged in one :)