summer of unplugging + random friday notes

just a few quick thoughts for you before the weekend arrives!

first up -- i'm joining emily from peck life (a fellow seattle blogger, holla!) in a summer of unplugging. basically, this means i'll pick one day each month from june through august and completely unplug -- no computer, no blogging, no instagram, no twitter -- and then share my experience on the 20th of each month. as emily put it, we're going to enjoy the day doing things we all did before the internet existed. such a novel idea, no? :) i'm so addicted to checking my phone and email that i think this will be a little tricky -- though i'm still going to allow myself to call people and watch tv. (i don't watch much tv as is, and my husband and i like to watch our favorite shows together to unwind...i feel okay leaving this in, because getting away from social media will be the REAL challenge here ;) i'm so excited for the chance to be fully present and distraction-free. my first try is tomorrow and i'm already a little nervous...check back on the 20th to see how i did!

say what? karl lagerfeld announced this week that he's developing a new fragrance that will make you smell like paper! the scent is called "paper passion" and will allegedly smell like freshly printed books. i mean, i'm a BIG fan of paper products...but smelling like one? weird.

not related to paper at all but jack learned how to climb out of his crib last weekend, so we moved him to a toddler bed on the spot. it's been a rough week of taking out toys, locking his bedroom door and watching him stay up WAY too late while he enjoys his newfound freedom. things are starting to get better (yesterday it only took 45 minutes of playing before he fell asleep...on the floor, ha) but if you've got any tips for toddler bed training i would love to hear them.

i'm guest posting this week over at the salty pineapple while my friend nikki moves across the country. we're talking kids' stationery so her children can keep in touch with their friends via -- you guessed it -- snail mail. take a look and let me know what you think.

that's all for me -- i'm hoping seattle will get summer weather soon because it's been rainy and cold all week. hope you have a sunny weekend wherever you are!

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