a summer of unplugging: JULY

i'm proud to say my july unplugging went way better than last month! this is because i actually got away -- for not just one day, but FOUR!

as mentioned, i spent the 4th of july in lake powell with my family. it was perfect -- good food, lots of lounging, and some reading / wakeboarding / tubing / digging in the sand thrown in too. we stayed on a houseboat, which unfortunately (or fortunately ;) we parked close enough to civilization to be able to still get cell phone reception -- but i made a conscious effort to leave my phone alone. it was SO amazing to feel free, not tied down to checking emails every 10 minutes like normal.

once i did get back to checking emails, i was delighted to find nothing but a bunch of retailer newsletters and boring stuff. it looked like the rest of the world was taking the week off, too! i did, however, keep my camera close by -- because, when you're in a place that looks as incredible as this, you have to document it. i was in such awe of god's creations all week long...and felt so lucky to be there to see it. i grew up going to lake powell every summer but hadn't been back in almost 10 years -- i missed that red rock SO much.

catching up from our trip has been a bit of a beast (probably because i'm also STILL trying to get our new home organized) but i'm making progress. looking forward to august's day of unplugging already :)

for more unplugging (like in june, when i met pioneer woman and totally failed), link up on peck life.

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