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so, as a blogger, i get a lot of random emails in my inbox from different people suggesting i write about their company. some are a great fit, some...not so much. once in a while, though, i discover something that TOTALLY piques my interest and today's post is about one of those.

a few weeks ago i got an email from the folks at flavorlopes, introducing me to the first-ever flavored envelope. (file this one away in your brain under the "why didn't i think of that?!" category.) obviously i have a major love for snail mail and i'm always a sucker for a well-designed envelope or pretty piece of paper -- so the thought of a pretty paper that also TASTES good was super intriguing to me.

flavorlopes currently features five flavors -- apple, grape, strawberry, orange and cherry -- with more flavors coming soon. it's my duty to all you loyal readers to do my research ;), so i personally tasted each one -- and i have to say, they're pretty good! you really do get a good taste with just one lick, and they taste exactly like you'd think they would -- sort of a starburst / skittles type aftertaste. i usually get chills from licking weird textures like envelopes or popsicle sticks, so i had to brace myself for this one -- but it was surprisingly fine. (FYI, my favorite was apple.)

collections include flavor notes -- blank A7-sized notecards with decorative envelopes, sold one flavor at a time -- and flavorlopes, a variety pack of all five flavors in #10-sized envelopes. you can buy flavorlopes in a few select retail stores across the country, or just order them online.

i totally recommend these as a fun gift idea, or for anyone who's got a lot of mailing to do (the flavor notes would be so fun to use for thank you cards!). also, be sure to follow flavorlopes on facebook & twitter.

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