good idea: stationery subscription

last year i wrote about the mercier beaucoup stationery subscriptions as part of my 2011 gift guide. i thought it was a good idea and all (regular stationery deliveries? yes please) but it seemed too indulgent to order for myself. luckily, a very observant and sweet friend noticed that post and got me a 12 month subscription for christmas!

i was delighted when my first package arrived in january...but as the months have passed, i've realized i had NO idea just how delighted i could get. these subscriptions are like having a kid -- they're great when they're born, of course, but with every new milestone you think, "okay, seriously, THIS is my favorite part," only to amend that thought two months later when something else happens. i LOVE my stationery subscription. 

rachel at mercier beaucoup sends you three hand-picked, beautiful cards every month. they are printed by all different studios and usually cover all different occasions -- i've gotten some thank you cards, love cards, just-because cards, birthday cards, even a father's day card in june. they come packaged in a simple brown envelope and i get SO excited to see one of those in my mailbox. 

one of the reasons i was hesitant to get this for myself was because i thought "hmm, i love stationery already, why do i need someone to go out and get it for me when i can just do that myself?" but, as i've realized, of course i can go out and get it, but do i? NO. when i shop for stationery i'm usually hunting for cards with a specific occasion in mind, and i typically end up with a bunch of cards that look the same (bold patterns, lots of turquoise, probably printed by smock, etc.) it has been sooo nice to build a little stash of new and different stationery that i can run to whenever i need a card.

i just got my july subscription last week -- a collection of cards from rifle paper co:

[all these images are by me, but you can check out some additional monthly collections here.]

i really can't recommend this service enough. subscriptions come in 3-, 6-, or 12-month packages and you can also individually order the most recent sets from the past few months -- or, just check out the card shop for the most recent selections and order one at a time! if you have a friend who loves stationery, get this for them. or, if you've got a birthday coming up, get it for yourself. i promise you'll love it. 

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