kismet public relations + PR 201 for bloggers workshop

i've only mentioned it here on the stationery place a few times, but did you know that by day i'm a PR and marketing consultant? i've worked for PR agencies in NYC, LA and salt lake city but have been freelancing since 2010 when jack was born. i finally finished my consulting website for kismet public relations, and i'd love to have you take a look.

i've got more info about my work with kismet in my menu bar ( ^ up there ^ ) but i specialize in helping bloggers and small businesses (like stationery designers!) navigate social media & figure out how to use PR and marketing to boost their business. if you've got questions about media kits, blog advertising, pitching editors, sponsorships, twitter, facebook, etc. -- i'd love to chat with you.

in fact, i've got my first in-person workshop coming up in august, here in seattle! it's a 3-hour class that will cover all the basics of "PR 201" -- teaching bloggers what they need to know to take their site to the next level. click here for more info -- and if you're in seattle, i hope you'll come!

and p.s. -- i'm hoping to incorporate more of my PR knowledge here on the blog more often -- since i think it can be helpful for stationery designers -- with posts like my media kit roundup and a few others in the works. would that be helpful for you?

i'm off to spend the 4th of july with my family, so i'm out for the rest of the week -- hope you have a wonderful holiday and i'll see you back here soon!

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