snail mail rules!

recently i received not one but TWO fun pen pal packages from new friends across the sea. i can't even explain how excited i get to open up my mailbox, expecting to find bills and maybe a magazine if i'm lucky, and then discover i have an adorable little package waiting for me! snail mail is seriously the best.

rin dawson lives in australia and loves to write letters. when she was 2, her family moved from new zealand to australia and left their extended family behind, so she and her sister started drawing pictures and writing notes to send to their loved ones. she's been at it ever since! the tiny package i received from her was the CUTEST thing EVER. fun little trinkets (a fortune telling fish, a package of australian tea, and a tiny "pocketful of sunshine" -- a transparent envelope full of confetti), beautifully written notes sealed with colorful washi tape, even a lovely customized envelope. she tagged me in her game of "mail tag" so now it's my turn to write back and tell her a little about me. i can't wait! (check out rin's gorgeous, creative blog for more.)

my second package came from mariza bruna, a new friend who lives in the netherlands! she's a mama of one daughter who loves everything paper -- snail mail, scrapbooking, envelopes, stickers -- and, just like rin, she loves to find pen pals. mariza's package was full of pretty stationery for me to use, and she even sent a little "nieuwe huis" ("new house" in dutch) card to congratulate me on my move! so sweet. mariza's blog details all the little packages she sends around the world, you should definitely check it out.

i can't wait to put together little return packages for both of these ladies -- it's so cool to be able to make friends around the world through mail! and, since we live far away from our families like rin, i always like to put together tiny packages for jack's grandparents or cousins so they can keep in touch. these girls gave me some great ideas for my next snail mail deliveries!

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  1. This is so great! I love the care and fun they each put into their packages.

  2. how cool!! Do you by any chance know a site/blog where you can "find" a snail-mail-pal?