stationery trends fall issue + random friday notes

i love when i have a friday post full of exciting news!

i'm SO pumped to show you guys the "wandering the blogosphere" column i wrote for the fall issue of stationery trends magazine. (have you read this mag? it is an incredible collection of pretty paper.) i wrote about how guest interviews can be a great boost for your blog content -- i love adding to my interviews column, here on the stationery place -- and i shared a few tips for how to develop & compile interviews. check out the summer issue for the full story. (and a huge thank you to my friend shira rose for helping me with the fun images for the story!)

this has nothing to do with paper, but i wanted to throw it out there in case any of you are feeling particularly generous. my sister's friend is married to a great guy named jason who is currently trying to raise money for a double lung transplant. he suffers from cystic fibrosis and the only hope he has for survival is this surgery -- and he's only 26. geri and jason are raising money through their website and i'd love it if you'd consider helping them out.

one of my favorite parts of moving is designing moving announcements! i'm getting really good at it, seeing as how we've moved 6 times in almost 6 years of marriage. (see also: 2011's moving announcements.) now that we're officially settled in the new house, i tapped brightside prints -- one of my very favorite stationery studios -- to print these cute guys. i love the turquoise, love the fonts, love the address labels -- and love the high quality paper that's such a hallmark of brightside. i totally recommend them for all of your printing needs.

and that's a wrap! i hope you have a wonderful, sunny, warm summer weekend. :)

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  1. I am loving all of these things! Thanks for introducing me to the brightside, I LOVE their stuff!!! :)