good idea: address stamps

i really love my tiny prints address labels, but i've dreamed of owning an actual address stamp for years. there's just something so cool and sophisticated about having a STAMP, you know? not to mention being able to change the ink color whenever you want. i couldn't rationalize one of these before since we were moving so often, but now that we're in a two year lease and i've found all these completely perfect stamps, i'm wondering if it's time to change that.

have you ever ponied up for an address stamp? do you think they're excessive? and what happens to the stamp after you move? obviously i still have some hesitations. :) 

from the meant to be calligraphy etsy shop:

from chatty press (i love every single one in this shop!):

a SET of coordinating stamps for all your stationery needs, from love and luck:

from save the date:

from stephanie creekmur:

from primele:

from hello paperie (maybe this one would work for chuck finley?):

all images from their respective shops. etsy never ceases to amaze me!


  1. Nice Burn Notice reference. Love Bruce Campbell.

    I love the idea, but we have also been too transient to invest in a stamp. But it would make an awesome housewarming or wedding present - and once you did move, I think it would make a nice keepsake to remember where you used to live.

  2. I was thinking about getting one for wedding invitations & thank you notes, but then I thought, what do I do about the address? His parents, my parents, my house, his house. Ugh. Good thing I have 7 months to figure it out.

  3. "Don't put off your happy life!" What are they, $60? You spend more on a dinner out that you won't necessarily remember. I say get one. Then again... I sell them ;)