how to: stationery organization

i don't know about you, but i have A LOT of stationery. obviously. :) it was kind of starting to get out of hand -- every time i needed a card, i had to dig through a giant pile of mismatched envelopes, extra cards and random stationery -- plus, after our move, i was really motivated to get it organized.

so, i thought i'd repurpose a plastic file organizer i already had in my possession. i divided up all my cards based on occasion -- birthday, holiday, thank you card, blank, etc. -- and then assigned each one an individual pocket. i re-labeled each tab with washi tape. (who can keep track of those tiny paper inserts that are supposed to go in the tabs? not me.)

so far it works GREAT and it's so easy to find a card when i need one! in fact, i'm a lot more motivated to send mail because it's easier to see all the cute stationery i have, and i want to share it with people. plus, added bonus -- now i can easily tell when i'm starting to run out of a certain type of card, so i can stock up before i get into trouble.

do you have any tips for organizing stationery? i'd love to hear.

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