seattle locals: fremont

last weekend i took a photography class from digital photo academy. they offer all sorts of different classes, but the one that piqued my interest most was composition in the field. it's a 3-hour walking tour in various locations around major cities, so you not only learn how to use your camera better but you get a bunch of cool stuff to shoot too.

by the time i signed up, most of them were sold out (pike place, ballard locks, the u district etc would have been awesome!) but i chose fremont. it's a quirky, artsy neighborhood (famous for the troll!) above lake union and i love all the cool, unique sculptures and artwork around. we definitely weren't lacking good stuff to shoot.

here's a look at what i saw -- all of this was on a walk that took less than two hours, probably less if you're not stopping to take pictures every five seconds. if you're looking for an interesting seattle walking tour, i totally recommend fremont.

here's a self-portrait of me & my classmates. we had a great time! i totally recommend checking out DGA if you're looking for an educational photography session that won't break the bank. they're in 25+ cities around the country so i bet there's one near you. (they didn't sponsor this post in any way, i just thought they were great.)

hopefully my new photo skills will serve me well in taking awesome shots of stationery for all of you from now on ;)

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  1. Strange. They don't have any classes in North Dakota. I wonder why? ;)