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postcardly is a seattle-based online stationery company with a very simple premise: they turn your digital images into photo postcards. genius! if you have a tech-averse grandma or an aunt who is always bugging you for more pictures of you & your family, this is totally up your alley.

postcardly generously allowed me a few freebie cards to try on my own (all new members who sign up automatically get THREE free cards, so go sign up & try it yourself!). jack recently turned 2 and i wanted to send thank you cards to the friends who came to his birthday party, so i thought this was a great opportunity to test out postcardly.

once you set up your account, you load your address book -- you're NOT emailing the people directly, you're just creating sort of an alias email address so postcardly knows which physical address to send the postcard to. i just named each new email with the friend's name @postcardly.com and made sure their home address was accurately entered in.

after you set up the address book, click on a name to get started. this is where i got a little confused -- it just seemed TOO easy. haha. (if you get nervous before sending out your first card, try writing out your card and sending it to preview@postcardly.com -- they'll email you a proof to double-check before you finalize the real one.)

all you do is type a message into the body of an email (be careful with subject lines and email signatures, because EVERYTHING in the email will be printed on the card -- just leave the subject blank or delete your signature if you don't want them in there), attach your digital photo for the back of the postcard, and hit send! it is seriously that easy. postcardly then prints your card, with the image on the back and the correct address on the message side, and emails you a confirmation proof.

i wanted to use a photo of jack at his birthday party, but it seemed a little too plain. i added some text in photoshop and then used this version for my postcardly cards:

i got calls and texts from almost all the people we sent cards to, just a couple days after i completed my order! they LOVED seeing the cute photo of jack in their mailbox, and thought the postcard idea was very clever.

i think you could use postcardly cards for a ton of occasions -- beyond birthday or wedding thank you cards, you could send photos just because to far-off family members or friends, or announce a pregnancy, or send moving announcements...the sky's the limit. costs are super affordable, with monthly subscriptions based on how many cards you want to send.

thanks to postcardly for letting me try this fun new service! be sure to check out their website, or follow them on twitter and facebook.

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