designer email stationery with MeebleMail

obviously, you & i love pretty paper -- but i'm guessing we also spend a lot of time online, in a sphere with little to no paper usage. thanks to meeblemail, you can dress up your emails with fun stationery designs and get the best of both worlds!

i used to be skeptical of designer email templates (think of the gross, oddly-formatted email background templates in microsoft outlook -- you know you've played around with those!) and didn't see much need for changing up the look of my emails -- but that was before i saw meeble mail. they've got gorgeous templates from real stationery designers like linda & harriet -- plus, the designs work with just about every email provider from gmail to hotmail to aol, and it actually looks good!

here's how it works: check out the website and find a design you like. then you get to edit the text areas, adding in your name or a monogram or your contact info (or all of the above). then it asks you if you've installed the meeble mail stationery selector in your browser, and walks you through the super easy steps needed to use it. (you use a toolbar button just like you would for pinterest -- super easy.)

i especially loved all the customization options. meeblemail has tons of fonts, colors, text space and other things to choose from when it comes to designing your stationery -- and it's so easy to use! once you buy your final design, loading it into your email is a breeze and you're set. or, if you need to send a plain-text email, you don't have to load it up on that particular email. 

i picked a geometric turquoise design (i definitely have a type) but there are tons to choose from in all different colors and themes. sports fans -- there's even a whole category devoted to popular teams. i love these for dressing up your everyday emails, but think how fun it could be to use for holiday updates to family or wedding save the dates or anything else. say goodbye to boring emails and start adding pretty stationery flair to your inbox!

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