good idea: zombie stationery

my husband has a serious obsession with zombies. he loves any tv show or movie (or book) that has to deal with them, so i'm always on the lookout for funny little zombie trinkets i can bring home as a surprise. when i came across zombigami, i HAD to have it.

[image courtesy sterling publishing]

hilarious! we are going to have a ton of fun with this book this halloween season -- with folding projects like Skull Crusher, Seymour Guts, Abominable Deadman and of course Waking Dead, we've got plenty of paper zombies to create. the book has a whole section to teach you the basic folds, if you're not already an origami expert, and comes with a set of creepy-cool paper to use for your zombies. pick up the book at barnes and noble or amazon.

this also got me thinking about other zombie paper products, though -- if you're looking for a laugh, search "zombies" on etsy and you will find some seriously hilarious and creative things. here are a few funny zombie cards i found in my searching -- beware, lots of blood & guts to come.

zombie with a balloon -- blank cards from blackbird and peacock:

zombie congratulations card from craft colorfully:

"i want to lick your brain" zombie card from the crying rose:

zombie birthday cards from the pixelette:

zombie wedding card from ruchi design:

zombie holiday cards from tina seamonster:

zombie party invites from byhev:

and, my personal favorite, from new modern love:

hooray for zombies! sorry about all the blood. :)

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  1. This is too funny! Danielle and I spotted that Zombigami book at Elliott Bay a couple weekends ago and I immediately texted a photo of it to Erik. I am SO buying him that last card for Valentine's day.