halloween flashback: tiffany from simply modern mom

hooray, october is here! i love halloween. i'm out this week attending the greeting card association national convention, so while i'm gone you get a ride back in time to check out some of the awesome halloween paper projects created by some guests of the stationery place. this post originally ran in october 2010. 

Hello fellow paper lovers. I'm Tiffany from Simply Modern Mom. I am excited to share with you a Halloween bunting card I made. And you know how Lyndsey has been learning calligraphy? Well me too. But I am self taught since I wasn't able to attend the awesome Art Weekend. Anyway, I did a little calligraphy at the front of the card.

The bunting was simple to do. It is just a variation of the bunting cards I made a few weeks ago. Then I let my children write or draw something for their friends. They stamped it and placed it in the mailbox. They love doing things like that. So come on over to Simply Modern Mom to see the full tutorial for the card.

Happy Halloween!

Tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

thank you tiffany! LOVE the calligraphy skills and love that these festive cards are so quick to do. such a fun halloween craft to do with kids! xoxo lyndsey

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