making mail fun with animails

my family and i were shopping in some of the cute boutiques in downtown kirkland a few weeks ago and my husband was reallllly excited to show me something. he handed me a plastic dog and said "look! you should totally blog about this." ha, cute. i love when he gets excited about my blog. so i took a closer look and discovered animails -- write-on, collectible mailers.

[this image is mine; all others are from animails]

i came home and checked it out -- animails are cute little plastic animals that you can write directly on and then drop in the mail! whoa. i had no idea you could mail crazy shapes like that. you write a message, draw or doodle on the animal, whatever you want -- and then send it on. the recipient can wipe off whatever you wrote by using rubbing alcohol, then re-write their own message and send it on.

obviously, we're all about getting kids interested in snail mail around here -- but can you imagine how much your kid would flip out with happiness if they opened the mailbox and found one of these cute little guys in there? mail just got a whole lot cooler. (for what it's worth, the store owner told us these animails have been flying off shelves -- they have to reorder more all the time! maybe we found this year's tickle me elmo. ;)

check out the animails website for more info, including FAQs and special instructions.

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