seattle bloggers unite: #thanksbing

last week, bing hosted the november seattle bloggers unite meetup at their lovely offices in bellevue, WA. i have been really impressed with all the promotions bing has been doing with bloggers lately and was so excited for natalie bowman (aka @missbeaux and the director of social & sponsorships at bing & MSN) to speak to our group.

(and while we're on the topic, i'm curious -- are you a google person, or a bing person? i am honestly starting  to love bing after being a diehard googler forever. their gorgeous search pages are almost enough reason to switch -- not to mention the social media results listed in your search findings. give it a try today.)

the topic for the night was "how to succeed in social media," and natalie shared some great tips & best practices for a slew of different platforms. i think ALL of us are quite used to the idea of social media these days, but a few of the ideas we discussed were fantastic and things i'd never thought of. i'm excited to try them out and thought you might be interested too. below are some of my favorite tips of the meetup:

+ SOCIAL MEDIA: Better to skip having a profile than to have one and never use it. Have one name and one avatar across all accounts. Every channel plays a role; use them accordingly.

+ TWITTER: Keep an eye on trending topics and try to chime in on the hashtags -- or, start your own hashtag movement. Most popular time to be on Twitter: 1 - 3 p.m., Mondays through Wednesdays.

+ FACEBOOK: Posts with visuals get the best interaction (see also: the edge rank algorithm). Use polls, fill-in-the-blank posts or questions to encourage interaction too.

+ PINTEREST: Keep your pins fresh -- content disappears within 12 hours, on average. Make sure your Pinterest boards are a good reflection of your brand or blog.

+ INSTAGRAM: Hard to get a connection back to your website or blog, but use it as a sneak-peek tool or give a behind-the-scenes look. Don't just make your blog a regurgitation of your instagram feed.

+ PODCASTS: Untapped potential here -- so many podcasters are men, there aren't many women- or design-focused ones. Podcasts are easy to make and distribute -- good way to get your voice across.

+ VIMEO: A fresh alternative to Youtube.

+ POLYVORE: Great source for viewing or distributing mood boards. Use it to host a mood board challenge and get your readers involved.

+ QUORA: A site where people can post questions and self-appointed experts answer. Make yourself an expert on a chosen topic and join the conversation.

HUGE thank you to Natalie Bowman and the team at Bing for hosting us! Such a fun, educational night. (follow the #thanksbing hashtag on twitter for more bing magic.)

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  1. Oh thank you for this post, Lyndsey! My plan for my baby to take a bottle didn't pan out like I had hoped and I was so sad to miss it! Looks like it was a great night!

  2. Was such an informative talk - I dind't know so many things about Edge Rank and Pinterest's search feature. Thanks again to bing for such a wonderful spread, too