stationery for hurricane sandy

phew! sorry about that impromptu little break. sometimes there is just way too much life happening around here and something's gotta give -- and sadly, sometimes that thing is the poor little stationery place. if you even noticed i was gone, i apologize! we're back now :)

my friends the ravenna girls just wrote a post about how heavy life has felt lately, and i couldn't agree more. between the elections and hurricane sandy and those nyc stabbings and everything else, it's been a tough few weeks. and that's why happy, supportive news like this needs to be shared!

a stationery designer friend, carol fazio, forwarded me some really cool info this week. a group of talented minted designers came together, headed up by jackie mangiolino (a minted designer who lives in long island) to create the designers care etsy shop. they've all created some really pretty and inspirational black-and-white designs that will be stamped onto cards, gift tags and stationery, with ALL proceeds going to the red cross to help hurricane sandy victims. a few of the images are below -- they're well done and definitely deserving of some attention. check out the etsy shop and support these talented designers (and those still suffering from sandy) if you can!

all images from the designers care etsy shop. more info from the site:

After Hurricane Sandy hit the North East coast, Jackie Mangiolino, the Long Island born designer behind Believe Notes, decided she needed to help local communities devastated by the storm. Blessed to be a part of an amazing network, Jackie reached out to all of her friends in the design community and asked if they would be willing to donate designs to be turned into stamps and then used to create small sized art cards. Within 24 hours Jackie had over 50 designers, her mom (hi, Anna!) and a stamp company all on board with the initiative. 

Each design in this shop has been donated by an established designer and then hand stamped, or hand embossed, onto either a small wallet-sized card or a larger note card. The cards are perfect for keeping as inspiration, framed art, or to gift it forward to people that may be in need of a little cheering up. 


  1. I'm so glad you shared this shop - I love that Sunshine ahead print. Also, thanks for the little shout out :) We all need to stick together when things get serious out there.

  2. Thank you SO much for featuring my shop!! Designers Care has been a labor of love and I'm really excited to see how many people are supporting it!