12 days of christmas -- paper countdown

jack's pen pal presley has a very creative mom. (for starters, she runs this adorable etsy shop selling crocheted hats for babies, kids & adults -- i particularly love the wool boot cuffs.) jack received a package this month filled with fun christmasy things, including a little santa countdown calendar made by presley's mom.

since today is december 13, it means the 12 days of christmas have officially begun! i think it would be so fun to start one of these little santa countdowns today, adding a cotton ball for each of the 12 days until santa's beard is full and christmas is here!

all you need is a little santa face (this or this would be a good template to use) and some cotton balls. add the cute little poem if you want -- here are the words, if you can't read them from the photo:

santa's beard is very bare
on his chin, there is no hair
so each day,
add one puff so white.
and when they're all on, 
he'll come that night!

adorable, no? happy christmas counting!

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