stationery-lover's gift guide: pretty paper

to kick off our lovely 2012 gift guide for stationery lovers, i thought i'd start with the basics -- gorgeous stationery for people who appreciate good paper. these are sets, specialty paper goods or items that are a little spendier than most traditional stationery, in case you (or someone you love ;) is looking to splurge. check out this paper bonanza!

1. custom letterpress stationery by dear lola letterpress -- who wouldn't love their own personalized, letterpress stationery? the price tag on getting a custom design & print job is a little pricy, so gift it to someone who wouldn't pay up for themselves.

2. stationery subscriptions from mercier beaucoup -- i know, i've mentioned this one before...but for real, people. if you love stationery, you NEED this one. read the reasons why in this post.

3. custom photo notebooks by paper coterie -- i've given these (printed with photos of jack) to my mom & MIL the past two years and they LOVE them. that's why it's been a gift two years running -- they requested another one when the original got used up. i also use a hard-bound paper coterie notebook for my journal. high quality paper, nicely bound, good designs. i love these books!

4. hand engraved thank you note gift set by crane & co -- pretty engraved thank you cards, blank notes AND a little guide to creating perfectly-worded greetings for any occasion.

5. set of 10 embossed scallop shell coastal notes by william arthur -- fancy notecards! in a lovely color, too. :) nothing says luxury stationery like william arthur.

6. letterpress notebook & necklace set by blackbird letterpress -- show your state pride in one of these cute notebooks -- plus, bonus! a state pride necklace.

need even more gift ideas for the stationery lover in your life? stay tuned all week for more, or check out last year's guide

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