2013 handmade valentine swap + a giveaway!

update: 2013 sign ups are now CLOSED. if you missed it, mark your calendars now for 2014!

i'm so excited to announce the 2013 handmade valentine swap! we've been doing this since 2010 and every year it just gets better and better. case in point: this year every participant is automatically entered to win an awesome stationery prize! but i'm getting ahead of myself. here are the details:

here's how it works:

>> enter your information (mailing address, blog URL, etc.) on this sign up form (sign ups are now CLOSED!) before january 25.

>> i'll match you up with up to 4 other partners; they'll be randomly assigned and (if you're okay with it) could be international. you should receive an email from me with your partners by january 30.

>> you create and mail valentines to your partners -- cards need to be mailed by february 7.

the point of the swap is to make pen pal friends, and -- of course! -- to send and receive lovely handmade stationery. cards don't need to be made entirely from scratch but should include some type of handmade element -- be creative and have fun with it! write a message inside, too (don't just send a blank card). answers to other FAQs can be found in this post, but feel free to email me if you have any additional questions.

disclaimer: DO NOT sign up if you think you might not be able to follow through on your valentines. our participants are fabulous and spend a lot of time working on their cards, so don't be a buzzkill and disappoint your swap partners. everyone loves mail -- please follow through if you sign up!

and now for the fun part...my favorite seattle stationery studio, farewell paperie, is giving away a year's supply of letterpress cards to one lucky swap participant. the winner will receive an assortment of 10-12 cards -- thank you cards, a birthday card, a love card, a baby card, etc etc -- to use all year long. here are the details:

>> you're automatically entered to win just by swapping cards!

>> for an extra entry, "like" the stationery place's facebook page. i'll be posting valentine swap updates there throughout the month, and that's where the giveaway winner's name will be announced.

>> you can still enter win up until january 25, the day sign-ups close. i'll announce the winner on my facebook page on february 1.

and that's all, folks! i can't wait to swap valentines with you :)   ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. How fun! I've signed up! I've already 'LIKE'd your page in the past, does that still count for an extra entry?

    Can't wait!

    Kreative Haus

  2. Woo hoo! This is my 3rd year participating. Thanks for organizing this lovely swap.

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  4. This sounds like so much fun. Count me in :)

    Thank you for organizing such a great project!

  5. I'm with Lindy...does it count if I've liked your page before? I would love to win the cards. Can't wait for this year's Valentine swap.

  6. yes, lindy & the mid life guru -- all fans of the facebook page will be entered. :)

  7. Im so excited!! It's my first time doing this and I can't wait to swap valentines cards!!!

  8. Just signed up for my very 1st year for the swap! So excited! Can not wait!

    Also "liked: TSP on facebook

  9. This sounds really fun. I'm so excited I found out about this in time to sign up.

  10. This is the most exciting find of my day. Hurray!
    I also liked The Stationary Place on Facebook. (Not only for the extra entry... I love your stuff!)

  11. I would love to do this next time or any swap that you do :) please e-mail me for info @ betzymm12345@yahoo.com