assemble shop: ONLINE

this is kind of a sad post with a happy ending. before the holidays, i finally got a chance to stop by the adorable assemble boutique here in seattle. i'd heard nothing but rave reviews about the shop and the two ladies who ran it, andie & emily, from all my blogger friends and was so excited to visit. their holiday social was a blast and i spent all night browsing the excellent collection of stationery from northwest designers.

and THEN at the end of the year, they closed their doors! sad for seattle, good for the world because they've taken it all online. the assemble online shop is now the place to go for all of their clever craft kits, cards & stationery, housewares, art prints & more. click over and check out the selection -- seriously, DO IT. and if you're in seattle, sign up for their mailing list because andie & emily are still teaching workshops in the area once in a while. here are a few of the fun things you can find online:

go here for all the ways to keep in touch with the assemble crew. 

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  1. what a cool idea for a shop! I love crafty kits, so I'm off to check out their online store. Thanks for letting us know about them.