-->>> good idea: arrow stationery -->>>

sooo i've got a borderline obsession going on with arrows. (just ordered these cute earrings last night!) as with all the trends in my life -- see also: chevron, ombre -- i decided this is one thing that translates well into stationery. take a look at some of the cute arrow cards i've found -- i dare you not to buy them :)

^ mini arrow cards from ladybird paper

^ thank you cards from pretty chic | flat notes from maidavale

^ silkscreened hello note from hero design studio | arrows & hearts from hartland brooklyn

^ embroidered note from astatula | black arrows (set of 6) by retro menagerie

^ stamped arrows from emily ruth wilson | die cut arrow cards (set of 4) from ashley pahl

p.s. i was katniss from hunger games for halloween last year...that might have had something to do with this obsession too. i carried a sweet bow & arrow. 

two more days to sign up for the handmade valentine swap!


  1. very nice, i simply love any of these cards!

  2. Ok I have done something similar to cards like this but I used a stamp on the card to get the effect I wanted. I used a Three Designing Women's stamp because its completely custom, https://www.onekingslane.com/ is having a sale right now on them!