valentine party supplies from minted

i'm loving the new stuff going on over at minted. in addition to a super awesome DIY blog called julep (some of my favorite crafters like jenny from hank & hunt are regular contributors), they're now offering party supplies!

they've got something for every occasion (chevron bunting for a grown up party? yes please) but naturally the valentine party supplies caught my eye. take a look!

there are three different levels of party action for you -- a "unique" party is probably best if you just need a few well-designed party accessories, or if you want to go all out the "perfect" party is for you. when you think about all the money, time & supplies you'd be using if you did this all yourself...it seems like a way better bargain to let minted do the work for you. :)

need more valentines in your life? sign up for the 2013 handmade valentine swap!

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