how to survive winter in seattle*

i'm not going to lie -- this winter has been a tough one for me. this is only my second year in seattle so i'm still getting used to the fact that once october 15th hits, i will barely see the sun again until july. i was in a major emotional funk for a few months and had a really hard time (i'm guessing the baby hormones played a part in that too) but then, miraculously, a few weeks ago i just snapped out of it. sure, it's still gloomy, but i'm feeling a lot better about the weather -- and life -- than i was.

and what do i have to thank for that? the lovely products featured below. i'm not being paid to write any of this (though i did include amazon links below, so if you decide to buy one of them by clicking through i'll get a tiny affiliate payment ;) -- i just genuinely LOVE these things and wanted to share the love. these things can help you get through any winter blues no matter where you are...unless you live in my homeland of southern california, in which case you're not allowed to complain about the weather, ever. :)

* these products are especially nice for pregnant people, but non-pregos can happily use them too. 


>> this is the only weirdly-specific-to-pregnancy item on the list, but i loooove it. a friend told me about mother's special blend before i ever got pregnant with my first baby, so i wrote it down and looked it up once i was finally pregnant. it's made from pure oils -- only coconut oil, vitamin e, cocoa butter and almond oil, absolutely nothing else! -- and it's totally slimy, but it WORKS. i used it religiously my first pregnancy and didn't get one stretch mark until the very end (my kid was 8 days late), and so far this pregnancy it's working just fine. plus, my skin is so dry during the winter that i am loving not feeling itchy. i put it on as soon as i get out of the shower, then leave a little on my hands as i put regular lotion on the rest of my body. no dry skin anywhere!

>> a staple for seattleites -- vitamin D. however, i recently read that EVERYONE living anywhere north of an invisible line from central california to south carolina lacks vitamin d during the winter, so most of you should be taking it too. ;) i'm just starting out with this brand of vitamin d -- it absorbs well and has 5000 mg, so that's a fat mood booster for you.

>> my husband ordered this philips wake-up light last month and i thought he was crazy, but i am OBSESSED with it. you set it like a regular alarm, and for 30 minutes leading up to your designated wake-up time the light gradually turns on, becoming brighter and brighter to imitate a sunrise to help you wake up naturally. you can even make it play bird songs or other happy wake-up sounds. this light has single-handedly improved my mood over the past month -- it's amazing what a difference it makes to wake up to light! i keep it on while i get ready in the morning, and when i walk out of my bedroom i'm usually surprised by how dark it actually is. i love my wake up light!

>> i wanted to get more serious about my moisturizing routine this year (i've only ever used proactiv lotion, which does nothing), especially during winter when my skin usually gets really dry and peely-looking. gross. i'd heard good things about this kiehls moisturizer from the blogosphere so i'm trying it, and so far it's great. not greasy, no dryness later in the day. good stuff.

>> and finally -- i'm obsessed with this organic lip balm year round, but especially during the winter (and especially when i've got chronic pregnancy-congestion). it's from whispering willow soap (they've also got a bunch of other cool products i haven't tried yet, like natural laundry detergent and bath salts) and i buy a few at a time. the orange is my favorite!

any awesome winter products you've been loving? share in the comments, i KNOW i need more winter pick-me-ups :)


  1. This isn't just for winter, but when one of my friends said as her facebook status that she'd hoard it if she could, I knew she was on to something. Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter. Seriously divine, and it's only $5! But if you do go buy one, make sure you buy more than one so you can have one for upstairs, downstairs, etc.

  2. Great items for our Seattle winter! Today, the sun is shining! Hurry, get outside and enjoy it while it lasts.

  3. Great list Lyndsey! I've really been getting into Lush recently and love their lip balm, Helping Hands hand lotion and Vanishing Cream face cream. Non-greasy and moisturizing. Even though we've got lots of moisture in the air, it still goes a long way to help our skin!

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