introducing: tallu-lah cards

tallu-lah just came out with a fun line of stationery called "sweet & savory" and it pretty much has my dessert-loving mouth watering. below are a few photos of my favorite cards, along with a mini-interview with danielle spinetta, tallu-lah's founder and chief designer. thanks so much for giving us an inside look at how these yummy cards are made, danielle!

>> how did tallu-lah come to life? 

danielle: I founded the company in 2002, after leaving a job at Old Navy and looking for inspiration on my next venture. That's when Tallu-lah greeting cards started. What makes Tallu-lah so beautifully different from other stationery companies? It’s our creative approach to doing business. We bring together the best designers and let them do what they do best. We worry about the rest. We don’t let the business side of things get in the way of creativity. You can read more about it here ...

>> how do you come up with your stationery designs?

danielle: Everything and anything inspires me. I collaborate with designer Nicole La Rue on a majority of card lines -- I'm the visionary and Nicole is the artist. When I moved to Napa Valley, I created a line about wine -- the Vino Collection. My fiancĂ© and I love food - so that was the inspiration for the Sweet & Savory collection. Currently I'm creating a line inspired by a gold covered cake!

[all photos courtesy of tallu-lah]

>> where else do you look for inspiration?

danielle: I look for inspiration everywhere. Life around me, magazines, blogs, Pinterest,..anything smart and clever gets my attention. But, it is during my downtime when an idea comes to life. My favorite place to think is in the hot tubs at Solage Spa in Calistoga, CA in the winter time. Here I clear my mind to make business decisions or design my next line for Tallu-lah.

be sure to shop the tallu-lah etsy shop for all these cards & more, plus check them out on facebook, twitter & the blog.

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