llamas and more from sugar & type

today we're taking a closer look at the sugar & type shop of ilana zatkowsky, who prints cards, notebooks and posters on a vandercook press in rochester, new york. ilana uses bright, pretty colors and clever illustrations for her work, including a line of adorable llama prints. see below for some of my favorites, plus a quick interview with the secrets of ilana's work.

[notepad & personalized note cards]

>> how do you come up with the designs for your stationery?

ilana: My line is a great representation of my personality. It's a mix of handwritten type, dogs, cupcakes, and things that inspire me. It's been fun to see what kind of creations I can conjure up! 

>> i love the llama cards & prints! how did they become such a big part of your current line?

ilana: I had NO idea the llamas would be such a hit! It was a really great surprise  My name "Ilana" tends to look like "llama" when written in email, or cursive, and once someone noticed - it stuck! They're funny, quirky, and very "me". I'm glad it was a good fit! 

>> what led you to create sugar & type?

ilana: When I graduated with BFA in Graphic Design the jobs I was doing weren't keeping me inspired. I needed to keep my creative juices flowing, and so Sugar and Type was born. It's been a great experience and I can't wait to see where it takes me! I have quiet a bit in the works, so stay tuned!

thanks for the closer look at the world of sugar & type, ilana! be sure to check out the full sugar and type website for ilana's portfolio, blog and much more.


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