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i'll admit, before i became a stationery blogger i didn't pay much attention to postage stamps. i just buy the american flag "forever" stamps on a regular basis and slap them on my otherwise-pretty envelopes. have you ever noticed how many amazing options of stamps are out there?!? i had been missing out. the right stamp can be the perfect final touch for whatever you're mailing, from invitations to wedding announcements to thank you cards.

case in point: dog stamps for dog party invitations (via one charming party)

my friend brianne from the ravenna girls is an awesome stamp collector. (the picture below is one she took of  fun mail she received -- i guess a stamp collector is more appreciative of eclectic stamp combos.) i asked her for her favorite places to find good stamps, and her insightful answers are below. i guess if we're going to fork over ever-increasing amounts of $$ for stamps, they might as well be cute, right? i'm heading to usps.com right now!

(image via the ravenna girls)

WHERE TO FIND AWESOME POSTAGE STAMPS by brianne culley of the ravenna girls

>> I usually buy my stamps online through usps.com because I'm a total nerd about hating boring flag stamps. So thats one way to get current-market rate and/or forever stamps that are fun and different. (editor's note: there are 72 different types of forever stamps!! this is blowing my mind.)

>> Ebay is another good resource but you have to add up to current market rates if you use vintage stamps.

>> Jen at Invites by Jen sells them in packs to use -- which is probably pricier but convenient!

thanks, brianne! can't wait to check these out. and, if you want to really personalize your postage, you can even upload your own images to stamps.com and make custom ones. hooray for snail mail!

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  1. I LOVE THIS! I too, order stamps online so I can pick out my favorite designs. :) And...I have a HUGE collection, dating back to the late 1800's (total nerd).