do good + win free letterpress

i think we're all still reeling from the aftermath of yesterday's bombing at the boston marathon -- such a sad day. i've been reading about it online and in the newspaper but have been able to avoid all video footage and most of the graphic photos, and that feels like a total blessing. this is such a terrible event -- and the more i can keep images from rolling around in my head nonstop, the better. i consider myself a runner (never done a full marathon and wouldn't qualify for boston in a million years, but i've done two half marathons) and feel so much empathy for everyone in the race and near the finish line.

but anyway. when something tragic like this happens, it seems the only silver lining is that people try to do more good in the world. that mr. rogers quote about looking for the helpers has been floating around the media in the past 24 hours, and i think it's so appropriate.

that's why i'm happy to help publicize bella figura's do good promotion -- between now and the end of the month (april 30), do a good deed and document it via photo or video and then share it on the bella figura pinterest board. (full instructions below.) all participants receive 25 free letterpress invitation sets with any order of 50 invites, and one lucky do-gooder will win a $1,000 grand prize!

i know we don't need a reason to do good right now, but free letterpress is a pretty good incentive. :)

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