hallmark: get carded challenge 2013 + a discount

so excited to participate in hallmark's get carded challenge again! (you can see my 2011 cards here.) i grew up sending and receiving hallmark cards -- my mom still shops in hallmark stores frequently and always brought us along as kids, i loved going because i got to pick out some stickers to bring home. so, i'm always excited to find any excuse to send a hallmark card.

the beauty of the get carded challenge is that you can send cards to anyone, for any reason. any fellow bloggers can sign up (register here) and receive a package of varied cards. you need to send 7 cards in 7 days, just because. i especially like it because they send you all sorts of different cards -- maybe a birthday card, a congratulations card, a nice variety of stuff so you can get creative on who to send to.

hallmark has really stepped up its design game lately -- some of the cards i got were especially awesome! this is a wooden card, i might just hang it on my wall instead of sending ;)

i love writing little messages in each one and popping them in my mailbox, anticipating the joy that each recipient will receive. :) thanks hallmark for including me in the challenge!

plus, use the code BLOG30 to buy cards on hallmark.com for 30% off for the rest of the year!

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