national stationery week: april 22-28th

there's a national stationery WEEK?!? if you live in the UK, this is a reality. (if anyone would like to fly me out there to celebrate next week, i'd appreciate it. ;) national stationery week is a seven-day celebration -- beginning next monday, april 22 -- dedicated to the love of writing and stationery, with UK retailers, schools, lifestyle bloggers and stationery addicts getting involved.

goals of the week include getting people to put pen to paper, write by hand more often (children especially!) and to get people to spell stationery correctly -- with an E! can i get an AMEN on that?!? geez, one of my biggest pet peeves is people writing about their beautiful stationAry. bleh. 

you don't have to be a UK resident to participate -- you can follow along on their facebook page, twitter feed, or by using the following hashtags:

there will be giveaways, tips for getting children to write, and plenty of virtual gushing about favorite stationery supplies. sounds like a dream come true. be sure to follow along and share your passion too!

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