good idea: mother's day 2013

mother's day is on sunday! did you remember? i barely got my act together to send gifts & cards to the moms in my life last week, but it's not too late for you. check out some of these cute cards and free printables i've found, and you're saved. (whatever you do, don't head for the card aisle at target. i felt part of my soul die when i browsed the racks of "humor cards" a few days ago.)

maybe the most beautiful printables i've EVER seen, via the alison show:

let the littles help out by coloring in these cute card templates, via dandee:

a sweet card (and mini coupon printables!) for mom, via one charming party:

if you're lucky enough to live close to your mom, why not throw her a little tea party on sunday? these printables from confetti sunshine will help (plus check out all the other tea party ideas too): 

my mom & MIL both live in other states, so we'll have to settle for a friendly mother's day phone call this weekend. as for me, i'm just hoping my boys will do all the cooking on sunday -- that's the only celebration i need. ;) 

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