NSS 2013: press kits & business cards

i couldn't go to the national stationery show this year, but i sent a fellow lindsay in my stead -- my friend lindsay bowerman from linnie bell attended and put together some fantastic recaps for us! today we're getting a peek at the awesome press kits and business cards put out by some of the designers -- a topic near and dear to my heart, since i wrote last year's primer on what to put in an NSS media kit!

One of the most exciting parts about going to the Stationery Show is coming home and spreading out everything you gathered while walking the show! I love collecting beautiful business cards, and the Stationery Show is one of the ultimate--if not the ultimate--place to add to a collection. I was fortunate to also pick up a few press kits along the way--each one unique and filled with details.

Being a huge fan of Wild Ink Press, it wasn't surprising that their press kit was one of my faves. The way the ribbon wrapped around the kraft paper folder added the perfect final touch. Their catalog and business card had a touch of gold foil--it's all about the details!

Also tucked inside was a letterpressed infographic celebrating milestones from the past year:

Caroline Creates (sponsor of The Stationery Place!) also had an adorable press kit, all neatly tucked in a kraft folder. Love how quirky and modern come together in Caroline's wedding collections!

I loved the simplicity of Meant to be Sent's press kit--a few little inserts showing off what they do and all bound together with a gold paper clip! (I think I'll be replacing all my silver paper clips with golds ones real soon...)

I'm sneaking in a press kit from Surtex: Printed Hues packaged up their press kits in little drawstring bags and stitched their contact info right to the bag. So cute!

Southern Fried Design's press kit included a sample of their customizable tea packets--perfect baby showers, bridal showers, wedding favors, or any other celebration where a favor might be appropriate.

A huge congrats is in order as Snow & Graham is celebrating 15 years of "ink & paper, flower & patterns, cards & envelopes, and gifts & wrap!" Snow & Graham handed out the most adorable card matching game, featuring some of their most popular patterns.

Legion Paper sponsored a "Bingo Scavenger Hunt" between 22 companies at NSS. Each participating company had a bingo chip to collect, and once all the pieces were gathered, you stopped back by the Legion Paper booth, where they had two letterpressed bingo boards to use with all the chips. I loved seeing all the fun and creative chips the various companies contributed to collaboration! (That little black circle chip with the sunshine on it? Gold and silver foil from Maginating and one of my faves from the set!)

And to round out the day, some of my favorite letterpressed business cards. From top left, clockwise: Printerette Press (gold foil!) // Sycamore Street Press // Pistachio Press (with edge printing!) // One Canoe Two // Anemone Letterpress // Paper Boat Studios // Ari Press

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  1. Love the recap. The link to Southern Fried Paper should be a link to Southern Fried Design. Both cute companies but the press kit is from SFD.

  2. arrggghhhh! I love paper too and i love coming home with cute paper from different types of events! That first one is SO cute!

  3. Thanks for letting Printed Hues "sneak in" to your NSS coverage! :) I had way too much fun putting those press kits together, and it's great to know they were well received!