seattle locals: need a photographer?

i've been on the lookout for a good photographer here in seattle for a while, and finally discovered one through my seattle blogger group! lisette wolter-mckinley lives in west seattle and works as both an interior designer and self-taught photographer, and she is SO talented. i mean seriously. her instagram feed is one of my favorites because the most gorgeous images pop up there throughout the day. lisette also writes a fabulous blog filled with tips on cool things to see & do in seattle and beyond.

anyway, lisette offered to take a few photos of jack, so i was all over that. we met up at the sculpture garden on one of those glorious, sunny seattle days and she got a few good shots of my little monkey. as you can see, he was in perfect toddler form that day (read: grumpy and challenging) but she still managed to perfectly capture his personality.

if you're looking for a good photographer in seattle, lisette is your girl! browse her beautiful website or contact her at lisettewoltermckinley(at)hotmail.com.

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  1. Thank you for this lovely shout out! Looking forward to working with you again soon.