baby announcements on the brain!

sooo my due date is only ONE WEEK AWAY (!) and we're getting pretty excited to meet the little dude. of course, when you love stationery as much as i do, this also means it's time to start perusing the online aisles for the best baby announcements out there. jack's birth announcements ended up getting combined with our christmas cards that year, so i'm really excited to get this baby his own personal set that will hopefully go out long before christmas is here. :)

check out some of the cute announcements i've found around the web -- feedback is welcome so i can have some help in deciding what to get!

paperculture just introduced some cool extra-large baby announcements -- they're 8.9 x 3.9 inches and printed on their traditional 130# paper, packaged in kraft envelopes.

etsy has such a great collection of independent, cost-effective designers. here are a few simple ones i like:

from french press mornings:

from AT lovely designs (obviously i'd need to request a more boyish color palette ;):

this letterpress aquatic design is amazing! via color quarry:

tiny prints is always a winner in my house. these ones are especially cute -- and i love that they all come with cool backers, like chevron or stripes.

whew! so many options. guess i've got my work cut out for me.

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