i'm back! + an update

i'm back to blogging! i enjoyed my extended vacation this summer (and fall -- how is it seriously october?!), getting used to having two kiddos around. well, who am i kidding...i'm not really used to it and in fact i've struggled a bit in adjusting to my new parenting role, but we're on our way and it gets a little easier every day.

BUT i've missed my beloved stationery place. you have no idea how many times in the past few months i've seen something and thought "hey, that would make a great blog post!" but never sat down to write it. haha. so, i'll be back here from time to time to share my favorite paper goodies as i've always done. it might just be a bit less frequent.

and, in case you've been wondering what i've been working on in the meantime -- here are a few of the reasons. baby hudson is now FOUR months old, drooling and giggling all over the place. and mr. jack is a sassy little three-year-old who just started preschool and will be dressing up as a pirate for halloween. i have my hands full.

see you back here again soon....i hope. ;)


  1. Welcome back! And how the heck is Hud 4 month old?

  2. You have such adorable kiddos!!!!! :) Hope things are starting to get easier (or at least into some sort of routine).