2014 handmade valentine swap

if you missed it, please keep an eye out for next year's. 

attention, lovers of snail mail! it's that time again -- time for the annual handmade valentine swap. i am SO excited to get going on this year's swap and i hope you'll join me for the fourth (!) year in a row.

if you're just finding out about the swap now, here's how it works:

>> sign up by entering your information on this sign up form before january 24. (sign ups are now closed.)

>> i'll send you an email by january 30 with mailing information -- you'll be put in a group of 4 or 5 other swappers, and you will all create and send snail-mail valentines to each other. you might receive international swap partners unless you request otherwise on the sign up form.

>> valentines need to be in the mail no later than february 7 to reach the recipients before valentines day. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU AREN'T ABLE TO MEET THIS DEADLINE. nothing is worse than sending valentines and getting nothing in return!! :(

>> share photos of the valentines you've made and/or the valentines you receive on instagram or facebook using #handmadeval. i'll share some of my favorite photos on my instagram feed (@lyndseywells) and of course the stationery place facebook page!

valentines don't need to be made entirely from scratch, but should contain some type of handmade element (even if it's just some fancy writing on the envelope). be creative and have fun with it! write a message inside, too -- don't just send a blank card. the whole point of this is to receive mail from new pen pal friends! last year, we had swappers from all around the U.S. plus Australia, the UK, Canada, Portugal, the Phillipines and more.

answers to previous FAQs can be found in this post, and feel free to email me if you have any specific questions not covered there. please spread the word -- the more people who participate, the better chance you have of getting awesome valentines!

good luck! i can't wait to see the beautiful valentines you create this year.


  1. Hi Lyndsey! Thanks again for hosting. Have you heard of the one-line-a-day journal? I started it last January and this year I read all of my January posts. I saw that I signed up for the swap, and I thought it was time to check in. Happy to see it here!

    1. melissa, that's the cutest thing ever! i love that you wrote about the swap in your journal. so glad you're doing it again this year!!

  2. Just found out about this lynds!! I'm so excited...what a fun and exciting idea! Can't wait to get started. Let the creativity begin!

  3. I've so gotta sign up for this - my hubby doesn't believe in Valentines day which always make me sad as he doesn't appreciate my efforts - so I look forward to making something for someone & it be appreciated!

  4. Just found this, love the idea, im Signing Up :)

  5. I can't wait to do this again! Last year's was so fun! I enjoyed creating the cards and receiving others' in the mail!


  6. I'm so excited! Thank you for hosting this!