our 2013 christmas cards

better late than never, right? :) the holidays were crazy -- i'm still trying to learn how to be a mom to two children, multi-tasking is not my strong suit -- and now i'm consumed by getting ready for the handmade valentine swap (have you signed up yet??) so i'm just barely getting around to sharing our holiday cards. i worked with cardstore this year and i was delighted not only by the amount of card design options but by the flexibility of customization!

i chose the "merry and bright" card, which is a folded card -- typically i go for flat cards, but this was my favorite design and thus i was forced to order folded cards. this turned out to be a huge win! cardstore allows you to choose from different formats for the interior of the card: text on one or both sides, one side with one big photo or 1-4 small photos, or even completely blank.

i had been trying to figure out how to incorporate some of my 2013 instagram photos into our holiday card but i still really like one big family photo to be the focal point, and i hadn't come up with a solution to including both. plus, i always like to include a tiny update on each member of the family and i usually end up typing it up on my computer then printing and cutting out an insert myself (not a good idea -- cutting is not my strong suit). so, cardstore's options to the rescue! i created a little instagram collage in photoshop for the left side of the interior, and typed up the family update for the right side. it was a perfect fit.

thanks for making all my holiday dreams come true this year, cardstore! (cardstore provided me with our cards this year in exchange for my participation in their #topofthemantel campaign via the MiscFinds4u blog.) we'll be back to shop again in approximately 10 months. :)

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