last-minute valentine ideas

two days till valentines day, and if you're like me you're probably rushing to finish up those school valentines. :) thanks to the valentine swap, i've seen some totally adorable and simple ideas that are perfect for your last-minute projects.

when it comes to little kid valentines, i'm a sucker for punny sayings. they're easy for small children to understand and it gives you an automatic add-on. these "dino-mite" valentines were designed by my friend rebecca of max and magnolia -- she added little plastic dinosaurs from target and was good to go. any boy under age 12 will love these -- and probably any girls too.

this was the valentine jack made me at preschool this year; another pun that's easy to duplicate for friends or family:

more cute puns used to give away rulers or pencils, sent to me by a swapper -- i lost the name of who made them, though! :( if these are yours, please let me know and i will update asap. 

heart shapes for the win -- here's a bookmark by marjorie rhodes, made from heart punches in a paint sample, and a heart card i made. get a pink card, fold a contrasting-colored square in half and cut a heart out; then, cut the heart and the remaining square in half and glue one half of each onto the card and embellish if desired. couldn't be easier!

and, i thought these two valentines were clever -- using the different ways to say "love." the card on the left is by emily cabrera; card on the right is by kristi buss.

now get out there and finish your valentines! <3 p="">

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