workshops for paper lovers

i know i just blogged about my seattle meetup, but here are a few more in-real-life activities you can sign up for in other parts of the country (or online, from anywhere!). take a peek:


my favorite calligrapher, michele of meant to be calligraphy, just introduced a batch of calligraphy classes in washington dc and chicago! "introduction to contemporary pointed pen" is offered in both locations, with the follow-up class "continuing with contemporary pointed pen" in virginia. click here for all the class registration pages -- they're selling out fast so be sure to snag your ticket soon.


if you're in the paper industry -- or run any type of creative small business, for that matter -- you NEED to know about tradeshow bootcamp. they're the brains behind paper camp and know everything there is to know about exhibiting at tradeshows in the stationery industry. and, they just introduced a series of webinars covering all sorts of business topics like "email marketing and online business," "instagram: intentionally grow your followers" and "preparing for craft shows." click here for all the info, including a class schedule, teacher bios, pricing and more.


if you can't make it to michele's calligraphy workshops (above), might i suggest taking an online course from melissa esplin at i still love calligraphy? i took the course a few years ago and can't say enough good about it -- you learn at your own pace and in your own home, but melissa has thought out her course so well that you still have all of her expertise & resources right at your fingertips. click here to sign up.

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