30 days of mail: WRITE_ON with egg press & hello!lucky

[image via egg press]

two of my favorite stationery studios, hello!lucky and egg press, have teamed up to create the WRITE_ON challenge: get as many people as possible to write 30 letters to 30 people in 30 days during april -- national letter writing month.

to encourage you to join, you can sign up here to receive a FREE write_on kit including 4 letterpress cards. each card will have instructions on the back so the recipient can receive his or her own free kit and continue the letter-writing goodness indefinitely. letter-writers can share their experiences via #WRITE_ON, and follow along on instagram & facebook for letter writing prompts & ideas.

get your free letter-writing kit here.

now THIS is a goal i can get behind. i just organized a bunch of my random stationery this morning and found cards that expressed sentiments like sympathy, congratulations, thinking of you and just because -- i've had those for a long time but never sent them! why sit on beautiful stationery when i could be sending it to loved ones and brightening their day? as we learned in the handmade valentine swap, EVERYONE loves getting mail.

i am totally taking the WRITE_ON challenge, and i plan to get my son involved too so he can draw pictures and write his name. we're going to make a list of 30 people to send to, then write one name a day on the calendar so we make sure we don't forget. how will you play along? and don't forget -- if 30 seems too intimidating, just start by sending ONE letter! anything is better than nothing and you're sure to brighten that one person's day. hooray for snail mail!

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  1. Wow! Have you heard of LetterMo? It was in February, and was 23 letters - one for each day of mail. I sent out 48 pieces of mail, and received 42. This wasn't counting the Valentine's day swap! The other part is to respond to all your letters received. Good luck with WRITE_ON. I love you're involving your son!