seattle: macy's secret garden flower show

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just following along with my springtime theme -- last week i checked out the secret garden flower show at the seattle macy's. with spring colors and prints splashed around all the clothes in the store, it was pretty cool to see some real blooms mixed in too.  

the flower arrangements were provided by ravenna bloom, a floral specialist for weddings & events here in seattle. wendy morgan, the owner & designer at ravenna bloom, was even on hand for a quick flower arranging lesson in store! here's wendy setting up:

i brought my boys and we had fun hunting down the different flower arrangements throughout the store. this green lady (her body was made out of moss!) was a bit puzzling for my son. haha. 

we also came across this awesome book: paper to petal by rebecca thuss & patrick farrell. 75 whimsical paper flowers to make by hand? sign me up. how's they know the paper girl was coming?? :) 

it was so fun to enjoy those pretty flowers while doing our shopping. thanks to macy's for bringing us a little spring sunshine on such a gloomy day!

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