last week for cards for cancer!

may is almost here, and that means the #write_on challenge is coming to a close! egg press posted an update about the challenge last week -- they've given away nearly 2,000 card kits!!! i love that everyone has had such a positive response to this snail mail project.

may 1 also marks the end of our personal cards for cancer card drive. i've gotten emails from a few of you who have sent cards in, telling me how you have been personally affected by cancer or how these families have tugged at your heartstrings. thank you so much for sharing your cards! i know these people are going to be touched by your kindness.

if you haven't gotten your cards out yet, never fear -- there's still time! i'll still collect cards until the end of next week, so please put them in the mail today or tomorrow and know that it's not too late.

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