paper, packaging and party at the container store

i got a private tour of seattle's newest container store at a blogger preview a few weeks ago (if you're local, check it out at southcenter mall!) and it was awesome. i've always loved that store -- the OCD organizer in me is in heaven -- but i didn't know the extent of awesome until the tour.

i mean, check out the party supply section. color coordinated paper supplies as far as the eye can see! wrapping paper, packaging, everything i've ever dreamed of.

did you know the container store has more than 10,000 organizational products in every shape & size? or that each of their employees gets more than 200 hours of training to provide shoppers with a perfect organizational shopping experience? or, my favorite -- that they've got tons of cute ideas for using their products for parties, packaging and showers. 

"the organized shower" pinterest board has some of the most clever favor and party ideas ever. check it out but these are some of my favorites (all photos courtesty their respective sources):

artisan glass canisters for favors & display

clear amac boxes for serving food, genius!

plus tips for hosting an organized closet shower or organized kitchen shower as a bridal shower or any other type of party. so clever, i love these ideas! i'm such a sucker for good packaging and the container store is king of that department. thanks for the behind-the-scenes tour, TCS!

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