#write_on for a good cause: cards for cancer

so, how's it going with the #write_on challenge? we're just over one week in and i have to tell you i'm loving it! sending mail is the best. it's been so fun for both me & my son (i write, he draws a picture & signs his name) to pause, think about a particular friend or relative, write them a little note and imagine how delighted they'll be to find a card in their mailbox.

at the beginning of april, we sat down and made a little calendar to map out who we'd be sending our mail to each day. this makes it easy for my son & i to sit down and write a card whenever we have a little free time (and encourages me to actually follow through!) -- but it's harder than you might think to come up with 30 different people.

ironically, this letter-writing challenge coincides with some sad personal circumstances for me -- i know five people undergoing treatment for cancer right now. i added those families into my april #write_on list and can't wait to send them a card -- i know the power of snail mail and the happiness an unexpected card can bring, so i hope it will boost their spirits. i think they'll feel comforted to know they're in my thoughts, and that we're pulling for them.

so, it made me think -- maybe YOU are looking for a few spots to fill in for your 30 days of letter writing, and maybe you'd want to send mail to these families too. and that's how #cardsforcancer started. after the success of this year's handmade valentine swap i feel like i got to know so many of you fellow snail mail-lovers, and i think these families would absolutely love to feel the same happiness we all felt when we opened our mailbox to find handwritten notes.


here's how it will work. i've written a tiny bit about each #cardsforcancer family below -- pick one (or two, or all of them!) and send a card to them to the address below, specifying which family it's for. write a message in the card, just simply encouraging them or saying you're thinking of them even though you don't personally know them. i'll collect all the cards, and at the end of the month i'll anonymously deliver the cards to each family. it's like a secret mail surprise, sure to brighten the days of these families who are struggling right now.

here's a little bit more about the #cardsforcancer families:

  • the ross family, whose one-year-old baby girl is undergoing treatment for brain cancer
  • the angus family, where a mom of two young children is doing chemo for breast cancer
  • the jenkins family, whose father & grandpa is re-learning to walk after having a brain tumor removed
  • the treasure family, whose grandpa is recovering from chemotheraphy treatment
  • the wakumoto family, whose 68-year-old mother & grandmother just moved into hospice care for her last few weeks of a 12-year cancer fight. 
send your encouragement cards to this address before april 30, and i'll make sure they get passed along:

[family name]
16880 NE 79th St.
Redmond, WA 98052

be sure to send me an email (stationeria(at)gmail.com) or tag me on instagram with #cardsforcancer so i know to watch for your cards. 

thank you for helping to spread a little cheer to these families! hooray for the power of snail mail. 

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